July 07, 2024

Nevada continues to provide a basis for exploration in the mountains where so many look but so few ever seek out. 

A cave called zero is just another interesting karst feature that turned into something interesting here in the Nevada desert. 

I did an initial exploration up into the the area that appeared to have a cave and found a large grotto feature with two holes in the ceiling. 

This obviously needed to be explored so we created a team to come back and get into this high lead. 

we had to bolt climb into this lead and found a couple of hypogenic rooms. 

The back room resembled a very nice cupola and a great example of hypogenic activity here in the region. 

The rooms are decorated and had some nice features inside. 

We left the bolts and hangers in place as well as master point anchors at the top. 

make sure you check all the bolts and inspect the anchorage before placing your life on them. 

we rigged for exploration and not for a trade route. 

There were a couple other leads that we checked out right next to this lead. 

We left one more potential lead that could go so we will see if anyone ever gets back to this area to climb.

I hope this next lead gets checked soon. 

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