March 20, 2021

Hang'em high canyon is a Sedona AZ classic located low on the cliffside just north of the enchanted town. 

There are many great canyons that surround the Sedona area and Hang 'em high canyon has an interesting appeal to it. 


I found that aspect in itself to be rewarding and nice as we didn't have to fight for parking. 


I was surprised to see the number of people parking around the trailheads of Sedona. 

One side of me is happy people are getting out and enjoying the weather and the outdoors, but another side of me say the half mile of cars lined up, just for the hike to Devils Bridge. 

This in itself made me grateful to think that I am happy, canyoneering has not got to the place where we are waiting in line for a roller coaster ride through a canyon with the equipment supported by the participants= Canyoneering. 

Hang'em high canyon was a easy half day canyon and a nice stroll through the desert of north sedona. 

It was a cliff canyon, meaning that we could see the bottom from the top but it had its moments of scenery and fiery red walls. 

I would not consider this a destination canyon but it was a nice half day of solitude with friends and some fun raps. 

There are a number of canyons within this region and I am looking forward to coming back . 


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