March 07, 2021

IMO, It’s not always the best idea to have a “list” of canyons as it truly is about the experience and not the destination. 

Who we become and what we learn and grow from the experience is one  of which I think makes for a great canyon experience. 

The filters in place include our own limitations, physically and mentally. 

Breaking through these limitation is not as easily understood as people make that out to be. 

One observation that I have grown to be accustomed to is the 80 / 20 rule. 

also called the pareto theory

This means that 80 percent of your success is from 20 percent of your efforts.

This concept speaks to the idea that a lot of the work that we do doesn't actually account for the success that we enjoy.  

Only 20 percent of the work that we do accounts for most of our success. 

What if we were able to recognize the success that we have from the work that we put into it, how would that enhance our focus to be more successful?  How would that focus bring a multiplier of success into our lives?

I think that this is really important to see with they physical exertion and efforts that we put into canyoneering in that it is very important to realize the amount of effort you put into something and meaning that you get out of that effort. Some might find this canyon in particular, to be difficult to access and not worth the effort. I find that we can reach some unique environments and serene landscapes with effort that I do not mind investing in. This can also speak to what we are gaining from the effort that we put into seeing a canyon like this.  Strength, resilience, and a fortification of resolve that makes other canyons seem " within reach". 

Of course we want to have some good scenery along the way, hence  why a list  was actually made. 

This original list had a variety of canyons for Death Valley and redwall canyon was one of the last canyons on my list before ending list. 

Redwall canyon was a short and scenic canyon that only had 5 rappels!

Yup just 5 and a 3500 ft gain! 

What made up for its lack of raps was the actual experience that we all had to ascend this approach and go down a second descent. 

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