March 09, 2021

Redwall canyon is a rarely visited non-technical canyon in Death Valley. 

I am assuming the lack of a road leading to the canyon head, the lack of a sign, and a two mile hike with no trail might confuse a few people. 

That is a good sign for me to get into a canyon what has seen very few visitors.

Actually a place that has only seen one other group

We accessed Redwall canyon through the technical northwest fork . 

The hike was a gain of over 3K feet and a couple more miles of mountain traverse. 

dropping into the drainage only required 5 raps to get into the main fork. 

There is a lot of effort that was put into that canyon for a unique and rewarding narrow canyon.

Prob one of he more narrow canyons within Death Valley

once in the main fork it was a smooth walk out of the canyon

This was a very easy walk with some interesting colors and geology happening throughout the canyon 

There were sections that got a bit narrow and colors of red and orange were blazing as the sun reflected off of the walls. 

There is one downclimb that used a handline in place. 

The handline looks pretty good as of this writing but it will need to be changed in the near future. 

There were some old school slings attached to the handline that might have been there for some time. 

I am glad we got to this canyon and looking forward to more Death Valley in the next season. 


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