May 04, 2021

Waking up to a group of homies that multiplied, We were a small committee. 

We had quite the massive group to be entering into this canyon . 

We worked our way across the desert and down into the canyon with a series of raps that we created. 

Once we were down, we continued to walk down into a section where the walls started to get thinner. 

Proceeding down further, the walls got tight to a point where we had to stem up high in order to continue 

for some, this was their first time high stemming and we did not bring wetsuits for the cold water. 

Some of the group went into the water and found that they were met with choakstones that were really difficult to get around. 

Some of us stayed really high to navigate the group through this high stemming section. 

We worked together as a team to get through this section and head over to a sandy bottom. 

After a canyoners cheer, we continued down into the canyon to exit out of narrow portion. 

A narrow slit popped us out into a beautiful golden cavern like passage with towering walls and beautiful corridors. 

We headed down the canyon to find a few raps that took us even deeper into the canyon 

This opened up even more into a huge deep gorge and nice walking passage 

The walls of the canyon opened up and we were surrounded buy a landscape of sandstone slab rock buttes 

                                    Other versions of the mindbender system came into this canyon 

Almost mindbender and maybe mindbender canyons all fed into this regional area. 

Eventually we got to the last two raps of the canyon. 

We found a beautiful scenic last rap that was overhung into a hanging garden alcove. 

the hike out was long for some but it was very scenic, similar to hiking to coyote gulch. 

We continued to work our way up to the top and our shuttle cars were waiting for us at the top. 

I am so glad we got around to get into this canyon and I am looking forward to visiting more of these in the near future. 

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