May 04, 2021

Robbers roost has some of the most scenic and amazing canyons throughout the desert southwest. 

Throughout this region are sculpted sandstone drainages that extend from the hanksville to canyonlands. 

The far east side of robbers roost is a place called high spur. 

High Spur canyon is a incredibly scenic canyon located in the deep heart of robbers roost.  

There are a number of canyons within the high spur region 

Low spur, red spur, big spring, and many more canyons that are quite scenic are within this region.

High spur canyon is rated at a 3AIII 

This canyon is quite scenic and straightforward to maneuver through. 

We found very little obstacles got in the way from moving through this canyon quickly. 

We camped at the trailhead and got an early start into this canyon. 

We headed down and got into some scenic narrow corridors. 

This section was basically walking passages with very little obstacles and excellent narrow scenery. 

We encountered a group of ahead of us setting up a handline for a short drop that got into a deeper narrow section. 

We continued to head down into the canyon and the canyon got even more scenic. 

The scenery rivaled antelope canyon in the lower section. 

There is one beautiful rappel at the end of this canyon that really wrapped up the scenery into a dramatic ending. 

the 90 ft rappel is a must do and worth the effort to drag the gear down for. 

We worked our way down to a break and back up to the rim of the canyon. 

We set up a shuttle ride which was a considerable help since the roads were 4x4 and quite bumpy. 

The hike to the cars was a bit long with the heat but they indeed helped out considerably. 

This is a must do canyon for anyone going into the robbers roost region. 

The road to get out to this area is quite rough and requires high clearance. 

Subaru was able to make it to the trailhead but it was about at its limit in performance. 

Make sure to have a lot of resources with you including an extra tire and a full tank of gas when headed out to the roost. 

This is definitely the place to go for a scenic strool through the canyon. 


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