May 03, 2021

After a night of complete chaos at motel 6 we headed out to get into a nice canyon that would be a bit more straightforward for everyone. 

Even with losing a few people, we grew in size. 

We rolled out of motel 6 and made it over to the trailhead of Larry canyon

Setting up the shuttle was a very successful and popular choice so we continued that narrative and set up another shuttle. 

We showed up to the first rap and the gorge below us gave way to some nice sculpted sandstone but also more people. 

This is a quite popular canyon so I am not surprised that more groups were ahead of us but as a group of 17 people, we were multiple groups within groups ourselves. 

The canyon was really straightforward to navigate.

We found some sections of optional stemming and options to work around the slots but we continued to work our way down to another section of the canyon where the walls dropped lower and a bottle neck of people was found. 

Thankfully we were in dry conditions and made for a great place to take a nap. 

Some of us fell asleep for up to two hours before our group was up to drop into the lower section. 

The walls dropped below us and we found ourselves in another nice deep canyon corridor with beautiful sculpted walls and great colors being casted before us. 

There were sections where the water was up to our pelvis but nothing deeper at the time that we were there. 

Finally we get to a section where the canyon went into almost a cavern like scene and for a bit you lose all light. 

This was a very interesting spot as we had to stem in small places and work our way through a angled slot that was on a 45 degree angle. 

This all worked out really well and we made it to the last two raps in good time. 

These last two raps are optional but we had enough time to rap them so we set up the raps and just had a blast 

Once we were down we hiked out to the break in the best of desert conditions. 

cool breezes and cloudy conditions. 

We made it back to the rim in great time and headed back to camp. 

indeed we had a large group but we finished the canyon in 9 hours with other groups bottle necking us. 

I say we did pretty well, all things considered. 

I am looking forward to visiting more of these canyons in the future months 

I highly recommend this canyon to get started into the more technical canyons in the roost. 


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