May 03, 2021

The pilgrimage to desert sandstone is a instinctive calling to our centered disposition. 

A place where we find a re-balancing of our own inner reset. 

The desert is not with you nor against you, it just is just its own presence. 

Heat from the sun work has no traction when absent 

The cold of the nights darkness has the equal amount of traction with the suns rolling heat. 

This is the stillness, and the place where we are drawn to play, love, laugh, and live. 

within the desert unforbidden, beauty is found. 

Desert flowers bloom from the adversity of its own environment. 

Animals find their way in the fortitude of their surroundings. 

it is at this point that a Prius defies the laws of state transference and reputation, down a 4x4 road. 

This is where we begin our story. 

Grinding sand in our teeth as I crunch into a flattened snack before we roll off into a swirling sculpted sandstone drainage, I find that these places we seek have their gravity and eco system that we desire.  

Trust. We trust our equipment that it will function to our specifications. 

We instill trust in each other, and if we trusted each other after meeting for 5 minutes or 5 years, the trust is at a capacity as a whole for the team. 

As we descend down into northwest fork of Big Spring, The fluted passages creates a darkness and a mysterious stillness that seeps into our skin and surrounds us in the stillness. 

There are only a couple rappels and a few more rappels that can be potentially downclimbed. 

The pulls were straightforward 

The lower section of Northwest fork big spring is a special place. 

This place is quite dark in nature and sculpted with walls throwing colors of red and orange. 

The hike out of the canyon was also straightforward which was really nice. 

This is the perfect canyon that we got to get into before the sunset. 


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