January 16, 2018

yannick chaigneau and Adam Haydock at the top of Cliffs of Insanity. Death Valley National Park, California.
Day two, Yannick and I woke up at around 5:30AM to tackle two more canyons in the Princess Bride Range, Cliffs of Insanity and Pits of Despair. 

Yannick at the top of the mountain next to cliffs of insanity
Cliffs of Insanity is rated a 4AIII due to its anchor building detail and some problem solving when descending the canyon. 
yannick chaigneau rapping off of cliffs of insanity canyon
Both Pits and Cliffs were pretty close to each other so we decided to bundle the two together in a marathon run.  Cliffs of Insanity had around 6 raps and the longest rap was right at 250ft.  We brought a 300ft rope and equivalent pull to make this work. 
pulling the rope down from the 250ft drop. 

We had to re build a couple of the anchors and if you visit the canyon, you might also want to re build a few of the anchors and replace webbing, so make sure to bring extra webbing with you . 

yannick chaigneau preparing to rap down the 250ft drop in Cliffs of insanity
The raps are pretty straightforward but you want to be able to communicate, so have a plan in place for your efficiency. 
cliffs of insanity
I recommend cliffs over pits because of the variation in challenges and for the big views that cliffs provided but you will find a lot of fun with both of the canyons. 
yannick chaigneau in cliffs of insanity
These limestone canyons are quite interesting but they are more like cliff canyons than what you might find in zion or north wash, yet they take on a grand vista view and bring a different challenge into the world of canyoneering, YES the views are spectacular. 
yannick chaigneau rapping in one of the drops in cliffs of insanity. 

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